Shakedown Racing

Shakedown Racing
Shakedown Racing l Version: 1.7 | Size: 17.23MB
 Developers: Danail Zotov | Language: English

A one-of-a-kind visually unique and vibrant racing game featuring amazing new-gen cars, tracks, jumps, stunts and gymkhana challenges. Compelling and essential game for any racing head or pure gamer.
# Variety of Tuner, Muscle, SUV, Exotic type of cars each with its own unique characteristics including power, acceleration, speed and handling. Real physics, rear-wheel (RWD), front-wheel (FWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD/4×4) cars will meet your racing needs in a completely new way.
# Set of ever expanding racing challenges including TRACK racing, STUNT racing, GYMKHANA and more. A blend of racing modes unmatched and unseen by any other game.
# Never-seen-before graphic style for a racing game appealing to any audience, being at the same time a true 3D racer at the highest quality in any point.
# Five star soundtrack for your hearing pleasure and enhanced gameplay .
What’s NEW:
# NEW REAL CARS: All tuned up and realistically rendered! Spice up your car collection with the new muscle and 4×4 rally car!
# NEW LEVEL: All You Can Get! : Collect as many diamonds and coins in this unrestricted area for the given time!
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Shakedown Racing
Shakedown Racing
Shakedown Racing

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