Sequence Nine

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Sequence Nine
Sequence Nine l Version: 1.7 | Size: 23.94MB Developers: aHoot Media ​| Language: English

Sequence Nine is a free to play puzzle game in which you have to get from a to b in an always changing environment by shaping repeating patterns. As you complete more levels, the environment becomes increasingly more complex, and different obstacles will be introduced.
Sequence Nine offers 240 handcrafted puzzles spread across 4 worlds. Each world features a unique map where you can choose your own path through the levels. Use hints or super hints, should you ever be stuck on a puzzle. Sequence Nine is satisfyingly challenging and will keep you solving puzzles for hours.
Sequence Nine in short:
* Completely free to play
* 240 handcrafted puzzles spread across 4 worlds
* Choose your own path through levels
* Hints and super hints to unlock
* Hours of puzzle solving
Are you up for the challenge? Download Sequence Nine now!
Sequence Nine
Sequence Nine
Sequence Nine

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