Scary House Escape

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Scary House Escape
Scary House Escape l Version: 1.0 | Size: 32.26MB
 Developers: Starodymov | Language: English

This scary house is filled with fear and horror! You are in danger, find the door and escape from the scary house! It seems like nobody is around, but you can hear strange sounds from all direction. The sound, screaming, flushing water, woman giggling, baby crying, bloody stream… Everything here will make you feel ghosts around, so terrifying, so scary, wherever you go, it seems a hand behind you, an eye there watching you… It’s just like in horror movie; you are in the scariest house. Now, you must escape! Find the door !
★ Horror sound fantastic, vivid;
★ HD graphics, very scary;
★ Thousands of doors ;
★ You are in danger! Escape now!
Scary House Escape
Scary House Escape
Scary House Escape

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