Sand IDE Pro for Java v1.1.8

Sand IDE Pro for Java v1.1.8
Requirements: 3.0+
Overview: Java is a very popular and widely used programming language. Do you love it, do you want to use it any time, any where? Now, Sand makes your wish come true.Welcome to Sand IDE Pro for Java Developers(called Sand for short).


1.What is Sand exactly?
Sand is an integrated development environment(IDE) for Java in Android platform.
First, Sand has a very powerful Java editor inside, keywords highlighting for Java, showing line number, undo/redo feature, automatically close are all supported.
Second, Sand has a full-featured Java compiler, Java projects can be built by Sand.
Third, Sand can run Java programs, output and input are both supported by Console of Sand.
In a word, Sand turns your Android device into a real development tool. You can use Sand to write Java codes on the go, to test algorithms in Java, or to practice your Java skills.

This is a full version. Ads free.

–A powerful Java editor. Keywords highlighting, showing line number, undo/redo feature, automatically close, automatically indentation are all supported.
–A full-featured Java compiler. Support from Java 1.3 to Java 1.6.(Android doesn’t support Java 1.7)
–Bluetooth keyboard supported.
–A Console which is in charge of Input from users and Output from compiler and Java programs.
–Settings. Customize your Sand. Change font size, font color, background color and so on.
–Import external JARs into Java project.
–Two themes supported. Android Holo Light Theme and Android Holo Dark Theme
–Support all kinds of CPU(x86, ARM, MIPS)

4.Something you should know
–Sand supports bluetooth keyboard that is the perfect mate of Sand. I strongly recommend you buy one.
–You can download rt.jar(1.6.0_24) from the project web page:
–Please save all your work before you put Sand into background. Android system may kill background non-system apps, you will lose all your unsaved work if Android system does that.

5.Contact us
If you have any questions or suggestions, you are very welcome to email us. I’ll try my best to improve Sand and protect your investment.

Author: Jimmy Chen E-mail: [email protected] Twitter:
UI designer: Muzzammil Shariff E-mail: [email protected]

What’s New:
2013.06.05 v1.1.8
1.ENHANCED: A big improvement when using an external keyboard.
2.ADD: auto import completion
3.BUG FIXED: string and foreach are not keywords
And more…
Please visit if you want to know all the changes

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