SafeInCloud Password Manager v5.9

 SafeInCloud Password Manager v5.9

SafeInCloud Password Manager for Android has an easy to-use yet powerful user interface optimized for phones and tablets.

Cards & Templates:
All data are stored in cards. For example, a card can contain a login/password pair for a web site, or it can contain credit card details. There are several pre-defined templates for your cards (e.g. Web Account, Credit Card, Passport and so on). You can also create your own custom templates.

You can assign different colors and symbols to your cards for a better visibility.

Search & Labels
There are no folders and subfolders in SafeInCloud, but there are two powerful tools that replace them:

Search is the primary method of finding information in SafeInCloud. Just start typing a keyword to see matching cards.
Labels are kind of baggage tags or stickers that can be attached to any card. Then you can filter cards by these labels.

Strong Encryption
SafeInCloud keeps all your data in a password-protected encrypted database. Data is encrypted in all locations: on a phone, on a PC and in a cloud. 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is used for encryption. The U.S. Government uses this algorithm for protection of classified information. It is also widely adopted worldwide and became the de facto encryption standard.

Password Strength Analysis
SafeInCloud analyses your password strengths and shows a strength indicator next to each password. The strength indicator displays an estimated crack time for a password. All cards with weak passwords are marked with a red sign.

Password Generator
The password generator helps you generating random and secure passwords. There is also an option to generate memorable, but still strong passwords.

Browser Integration
Chrome for Android does not support 3rd party extensions yet. That’s why it is impossible to get such a close integration as in SafeInCloud for Windows. There are two alternative methods:

Built-in Browser
You can start the built-in browser by clicking the Globe icon next to a web address in a card. Then press the Key button in the right-bottom corner to fill login/passwords fields from the card.

Copy to Notifications
There is a Copy to Notification panel action at the bottom toolbar. This action copies card’s login and password into the top Notification panel. Later you can tap these notifications to copy appropriate values into the clipboard and then paste to a web page or an app.

Cloud Synchronization
SafeInCloud keeps an encrypted database locally on a phone, on a tablet and on a PC. Another copy of a database is stored in your own account in a cloud. After each data modification SafeInCloud synchronizes the changes to a cloud. SafeInCloud supports synchronization with Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive (SkyDrive).

You can have multiple devices synchronized with each other by configuring the same cloud account in their application’s settings. Changes on one device will be pushed to all others.

In case of a phone loss or switching to a new phone, you can restore all your data from a cloud. Just install the app on a new phone or a PC and choose Restore a database from a cloud at the first launch.

SafeInCloud app uses the following permissions:
Storage (Modify/delete USB storage contents) – for the backup/restore on external storage (SD card)
System tools (Retrive running applications) – for determining foreground/background app position (the background lock)
Network communications (Full Internet access) – for the cloud synchronization
Your accounts (Manage the accounts list, use the authentication credentials of an account, discover known accounts) – for Google Drive authentication

System Requirements
Operating System: Android 3.2 or higher

What’s New:
– Self-erase after specified amount of password attempts
– Better formatting for credit card and phone numbers

More Info in Google Play

Download SafeInCloud Password Manager v5.9 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR


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