root LiveBoot Pro v1.30 Apk
Requirements: 4.3+
Overview: LiveBoot is a boot animation that shows you logcat and dmesg outputs on-screen as they happen.

Yield setup incorporates logcat level, cushion and organization choice; whether to demonstrate dmesg; the measure of lines that ought to fit on your screen, whether word-wrap ought to be utilized, and if yield ought to be shading coded. Furthermore the foundation can be set to straightforward to overlay the current boot liveliness, which looks magnificent amid boot.

An element is inherent to test your present setup without rebooting. The lines appeared in test mode might be constrained and moderately static, this doesn’t reflect accurate boot time conduct as much as it just demonstrates to you that it works and how enormous the content will be.

Note that LiveBoot will just appear after the information segment is mounted. On the off chance that you have to enter a decoding key or example at boot, it won’t appear until you have done as such.


This application does not just require root, it requires particularly SuperSU adaptation 2.40 or more up to date, because of how the boot-time code is propelled. On the other hand, the application will attempt to work for generally established firmwares that backing init.d, yet this is not formally upheld and it can’t be ensured to work.


Formally the application bolsters 4.3+ and more up to date, in any case it is gone for 5.0 firmwares. Notwithstanding 4.3, 4.4, or 5.0, the application may chip away at your gadget or it may not. I’ve motivated it to chip away at my very own group gadgets on different firmwares, however not on all. Regardless of the fact that the test run usefulness works, this doesn’t as a matter of course mean it will really work amid boot. It generally does, yet not generally.

This does in fact additionally mean I can’t promise proceeded with operation – regardless of the possibility that it works for you today, it might fall flat your next firmware redesign. In the event that that is an issue for you, then you should not overhaul to Pro.

The danger of bootloops is greatly low, yet not totally non-existent. Should a bootloop happen, expelling either the application’s APK or/framework/su.d/0000liveboot through recuperation ought to alter the issue.

The application composes to/framework, thusly your firmware must permit this. There is no recuperation based introduce alternative right now.


There’s an in-application buy to move up to Pro, which bolsters my improvements, and opens the straightforwardness choice and in addition logcat cushion and arrangement choice.

Obviously, in the event that you have one of the paid variations of the old live logcat or live dmesg boot livelinesss from each one of those years back introduced, this will likewise empower Pro mode.

Like some of my different applications nowadays, on the off chance that you don’t have Google Play yet at the same time figured out how to introduce the APK, this will likewise empower Pro mode.

To wrap things up, in the event that you essentially would prefer not to pay for it, there’s likewise a catch to empower Pro mode.


On the off chance that/framework/su.d/0000liveboot.script exists (chmod 0644, not 0700 like different documents in/framework/su.d/!), this script will be keep running rather than logcat and dmesg, and its yield will be appeared in white (stdout) and red (stderr).

Exchange/support/and so on

Kindly see the authority application string on here: diversions/liveboot-t2976189


– Android N Preview 3 support

This application has no notices.

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