Rolling Shapes

Rolling Shapes

Rolling Shapes
Rolling Shapes l Version: 1.1 | Size: 10.65MB
 Developers: VERTEX GAMES | Language: English

The Earth is ruined and Rollers need your help to restore the life. Play the role of one of them manipulating the few geometric shapes that can be controlled therefore disiaster. Make your way through multiple and varied levels, solve mysterious puzzles in dark places, test your brain with mazes and impossible geometries. Be the best Roller.
Change your shape in transformation modules as you go achieving levels.
Do not rely to play the first levels, the difficulty increases exponentially to unsuspected limits. The stages difficulty do not reside only in mental ability, you will need to test your hands.
Easy and confortable manipulation in the different movements of distinct shapes.
Enjoy the different scenarios and shapes that will not let you fall in monotony. Surprising levels that will change your expectations.
Rolling Shapes
Rolling Shapes
Rolling Shapes

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