Requirements: 2.0+, ROOT
Overview: Manage,repair and modify Tool for Android SD/HD/FLASH Drives. Save Time for Power Users. This App is not for Beginners or normal User! You can Create Partitions on all external Drives. And Check and repair the internal NAND and eMMC ext4 and vfat drives.For all Operations on Android you need Kernel Filesystem Support.

It can make a Firmware Dump (and scripts) simple for postprocessing on a PC (Linux) wich is expected to alter Drivelayout for the inner eMMC Drives. You can likewise repair this inward eMMC or NAND Drives yet be extremely watchful!

When you have a Business you may utilize it for fastrepair interior drives or some other administration.

This App is nothing for Beginners!!! For Expert and Profi User wich realize what is to do. It can spare Recovery,System,Cache,Boot Images and on some MTD gadgets alos direct dump the kernel.img and logo.bin …

Before you change anything on interior Drives please make a Firmware Backup!!!

Fledglings ought to utilize Partition Toolkit!


Android 6 UUID Disks are currently Supported umount now additionally takes a shot at Android 6 please introduce this application to inside space.CM13 Support (Android 6.0.1)

New: PartitionLabel Detection for interior EMMC Chips and we can say the Autostart will deal with each Device likewise when the Device will going to deepsleep after reboot.

This application has no commercials.

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