Rock Gods Tap Tour

Rock Gods Tap Tour
Rock Gods Tap Tour l Version: 1.0.6 | Size: 61MB
 Developers: Ubisoft Entertainment | Language: English

Are you ROCK enough?
The ancient Gods of Rock just challenged you to an EPIC Battle of the Bands! What’s your play?
Is it to gather up heroes, form a super group rock band and ROCK THEIR FACES OFF? It is!?! Nice.
ROCK GODS: TAP TOUR is a tapping game unlike any other. Tour the world, battle deadly monsters, unlock your ultimate power and ROCK the Gods themselves!
· TAP to rock your super-charged guitar!
· THRASH different Gods including Athena, Hades and Zeus himself. The Zeus is LOOSE!
· DOMINATE different monster posers like Medusa, Cyclops, Minotaurs and more!
· TRAVEL to gorgeous tour destination like the Elysian Fields, River Styx and even Mount Olympus!
· UNLOCK headbands, outfits and instruments to hone your look and leave the fans screaming!
· EARN cash, fans, power-ups and more! Always be earnin’! Earn all the things!
It’s time to rock ’em all, and let the Gods sort them out. Get tappin’, hero!
Rock Gods Tap Tour
Rock Gods Tap Tour
Rock Gods Tap Tour

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