Robot Space Base

Robot Space Base
Robot Space Base l Version: 1.2 | Size: 26.47MB
 Developers: Deng hao | Language: English

Robot Space Base is a sci-fi style 3D shooter,The Robotech in vast universe as game scenes, scenes beautifully designed, the role of the action smooth, easy gameplay, lighting effect fantastic.
When Robot Soldier close to the enemy,aiming system automatically starts,a yellow halo around the enemy,to remind players that this enemy has been locked, fingers touch the screen to shoot,there have two types of
enemies in the Robotech,the machine guns (automatic shooting) and machine killer (floating air),Robot Soldier have to shoot them all.
Robot Space Base players there are two types of weapons you can use,submachine guns and missiles (after locking can automatically track the enemy).
The game is very simple and convenient:the touch of a finger or tap the screen to fire with a submachine gun,two fingers while touching the screen to launch missiles.
Robot Space Base clearance condition is destroyed all the enemies(guns and air machine killer),in resource adequacy for the rapid clearance recommended priority use the bigger lethal missiles.
Robot Space Base
Robot Space Base
Robot Space Base

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