Rivality: Zombie Attack

Rivality: Zombie Attack
Rivality: Zombie Attack l Version: 1.2.2 | Size: 30.77MB
 Developers: SHAKKARAKKARASH! | Language: English

When a rain of meteors hit The Middle East, a virus is spread. You enter a world in despair, only weeks and months following the zombie apocalypse. To stay safe from the infected, you need to build a fortified Safe Zone that will keep you and your new civilization safe from the walking dead.
In a world full of chaos, access to food and resources will soon make the difference between death and survival. As the sparse resource gets harder and harder to retrieve, humans turn against each other in a war for survival.
How would you survive in a zombie apocalypse? Would you turn against other groups of survivors and plunder their resources? Or would you work together with other survivors to create a strong alliance? You will soon know. But what ever you decide, you will need to get building material to re-build your Safe Zone, train troops, and win the many wars that await you.
This is Rivality: Zombie Attack. A zombie strategy MMO game where you decide your own destiny.
● Explore the Wasteland to find survivors to grow your civilization
● Turn your Safe Zone to a heavily guarded zombie-free area
● Defend against AI controlled zombies, attack them to take out zombie havens, or orchestrate grand attacks against the flesh-eaters
● Train warriors that will keep your Safe Zone from falling
● Fight players from your country, or become their friend
● Create an alliance that will make you the new leader of the free world
● Attack and plunder enemies on the huge map
Rivality: Zombie Attack
Rivality: Zombie Attack
Rivality: Zombie Attack

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