Riddled Zombies APK MOD Unlimited Money

Download Riddled Zombies Apk Mod Unlimited Gold ,New Update With Version 1.0.7

Game Features:

  • 100% totally free games, this game does not have a micropayment.
  • retro, fun and beautiful game with retro pixel graphics 8 / 16bits Art
  • 3 characters chosen, each with unique weapons and abilities.
  • 3 Randon scenario changes. New york, new mexico and laboratory scientist’s crazy horrible.
  • Google Play highscore online services (requires a Google account) to compete with the best score in the world.
  • Luxury soundtrack created by “jompositor” (Samuel Cadi)


clandestine laboratory located in New Mexico experimented with Z virus, a virus that can make dreams reality of humanity, immortality, never gets old and young to become a mad scientist siempre.lamentablemente by bitterness and hatred to fellow scientists, modify Z virus to create the opposite effect, turning humans into zombies, the undead.

2065, all cities are destroyed, new York last bastion of humanity being attacked by monstrous creatures, 99% of humans are zombies and now a terrible war for the salvation of mankind is being harvested.

dreadful disease really changed the human and other creatures in the brutal monsters, giants and red, is now nearly immortal creature of the night.

is what is called Resurrection, and the police are still struggling to survive, trying to bring peace back to humanity …


||Game: Riddled Zombies APK   ||
||Version:  1.07  ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: https://play.google.com/.RiddledZombies   ||
||Mod: Gold    ||



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