Remote Phone Call v5.5 Apk

Remote Phone Call v5.5 Apk

Remote Phone Call Apk look for missed incoming calls in your call log, read your SMS and use your phone contacts for dialing and creating SMS messages.

It is ideal in conjunction with a Bluetooth headset. You can leave your phone in the docking station while managing your calls.

Key Features:

  • Shows phone contacts
  • Shows call log
  • Allows dialing contacts, call log entries and entered numbers
  • Writing and reading SMS messages
  • Contact search
  • Answer incoming calls
  • Pop up for incoming calls and SMS messages
  • Manage audio settings
  • Hot-Key for dialing numbers from the clipboard
  • Handle tel and call to URLs
  • Auto start at Windows Login

What’s New in v5.5 Apk

  • Extended features for rooted phones
  • WiFi network filter for auto start feature
  • Fixed answering calls not possible on Android 5.0
  • Fixed some special characters like # can not be dialed
  • Fixed client setup sometimes fails with DLL not found

Remote Phone Call v5.5 Apk

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