Red War

Red War
Red War l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 37.28MB
 Developers: Skypiea | Language: English

“Red War” is charged war game on android. Under your command military battles in large-scale World War II “Red Scare” of infinite territory, airspace, tanks, missiles and brave soldiers.
“Red War” is one of the first employees of war games. Just slide the screen, thousands of armed forces will be at your disposal, a light touch, it will show you a fighter-bomber in the case. In the game, you are the Supreme Commander of the entire army. All will be under your command, and all the enemies are just waiting to be destroyed! We are all at your service! The world is waiting for your arrival!
“Red War” not only inherits the classic elements, such as Oracle and Rhino Tank from the popular game RedAlert, in which he played once in the world, but also introduces a real combat units of the modern world, such as Thunderbolt, Wingdrone and Raptor. Moreover, it also includes a fantastic and awesome element – Hercules! In the game, nothing is impossible! You can find everything here that you will not find anywhere else.
In “Red War”, battles take place within a single server with players from around the world, such as China, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia, America and Europe. New “World War” is not far off, time to fight alongside your people!
★★ Features Red War: Rebellion on android ★ ★
– Realistic scenes, buildings and weapons.
– Various military forces such as infantry, tanks, fighter jets, helicopter gunships, missiles and nuclear bombs.
– Sophisticated interesting job
– Simulation battles of World War II
– Realistic user experience
– Large-scale battles on a shared server
– Spy satellites, finding the enemy
★★ main gameplay ★ ★
– Construction of buildings and military resource development,
– Construction of various defensive structures to form a defense system of world-class
– Unlock and train soldiers, build tanks, jet fighters, etc.
– Improvements soldiers, tanks, jet fighters, etc.
– Complete tasks to accelerate the development
– Experience in the Second World War
– Use a spy satellite to find enemies and then destroy them
Red War
Red War
Red War

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