Real Kungfu Street Mod APK Unlimited Gold

Download Real Kungfu Street Apk Mod Unlimited Gold ,New Update With Version 1.0

Real Kungfu Street is action game with gained greater skill in the ancient art of kungfu . agonized, and holding the lifeless body of his elder master, our hero cried out to the heavens with a promise. he would avenge his master. he would take the daoist oath, and accept a burden of responsibility, of keeping the village safe. thus it was that our story began…
Come on and let’s play this game together!
Fighter Hero is a side-scrolling action game. It combines Street Fighter and The King of Fighters. Players will be addicted to this game. Rich skills and smooth hitting! Combo and rage system! Hundreds of background sound effects make players feel immersive!


||Game:  Real Kungfu Street APK  ||
||Version:   1.0 ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: ||
||Mod:   Gold  ||


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