Principia v1.5.0.4

 Principia v1.5.0.4

Welcome to Principia – the world’s most advanced virtual mechanics and electronics sandbox game, and the successor to the Android hit physics game Apparatus, played by over 3 million players.

Principia is an adventure game focused on advanced mechanics and electronics. Explore generated worlds or just play around with the physics, building your own contraptions in the sandbox.

Adventure Features:
Build as you play, move objects around, nail pieces together, connect electronics. Need a hovercraft? Just build it.
Explore generated worlds and find rare items
Modular robots with replaceable parts
Fun tools to dig caves, cut down trees, gather resources
Cool weapons!

Sandbox Features:
Create levels from scratch or base them off of a generated world
Advanced virtual electronics system
Highly tunable physics to fit your specific needs perfectly
Over 200 unique objects
Over 50 adventure items (some of them locked until you’ve discovered them in adventure)
Scripting and modding support

Community Features:
Active community with interesting people from around the world
Weekly building contests
Fun and interesting community creations uploaded daily, from giant mechanical robots to mini games, time lapses, heavy machinery, music, adventures and much more
Download other peoples’ creations to learn from them or improve them
Get a golden crown next to your name by winning a contest!

Principia is part of the “Apparatus” physics game series, brought to you by indie game developer Bithack.

What’s New:
– Support for generating adventure worlds that can be explored
– Big improvements to robot AI
– Robots are now modular and can replace and remove parts
– Various graphics improvements
– Support for saving levels while playing
– MANY new items such as jetpack, plasma gun, rocket launcher, hats, and more
– New RC widgets: Radial with centre button, 2×2 field and 3×3 field
– More realistic default physics settings

More Info in Google Play

Download Principia v1.5.0.4 APK: DIRECT LINKS | MIRROR


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