Prince – the lost treasure

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Prince - the lost treasure
Prince - the lost treasure l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 21.11MB
 Developers: Mondelez Europe GmbH | Language: English

Prince presents ‘The Quest for the Lost Treasure’
Princeland is falling apart! The evil Megalo Moustachio stole Princeland’s golden wheat to create his own line of biscuits, but as he was escaping, his blimp exploded and the wheat got scattered throughout the kingdom.
Now it’s up to you to recover the golden wheat before it’s too late with the help of Prince and his team of young recruits. You’ll have to prove you have the values of a true Prince to succeed in your quest. But beware, Mustachio and his league of mustached chickens will stop at nothing to get their way. So suit up and save Princeland in the adventure of a lifetime!
(select ‘Prince the movie’ in the game menu to see the full backstory in form of an animated short film)
This fun action-packed adventure has been created in partnership with Academy Award winning, Moonbot Studios, creators Chipotle’s Scarecrow.
– Jump over the rooftops of Princeland!
– Venture into the belly of a flying dragon!
– Escape hordes of crazy fans!
– Sneak into a heavily guarded castle!
– Find your way through an out of control bakery!
– Confront the evil Megalo Moustachio!
Prince - the lost treasure
Prince - the lost treasure
Prince - the lost treasure

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