[Premium] RPG Glorious Savior Apk 1.1.1g

 [Premium] RPG Glorious Savior Apk: New game released, [Premium] RPG Glorious Savior Apk is now available for Download. The Hero’s Sword, which was used 300 years ago to defeat the Overlord, has been stolen, and demons are becoming more and more common. Rain, a member of the aristocracy, is ordered directly by the King to get the sword back, and sets off on a quest with his attendant, Viola, to find the sword. They don’t know, though… They don’t know that their quest will become a journey through time, to places far off in the past. The binding strings of fate, and the desire to trust someone… Where will these tangled threads lead them?

Game specification:

  • Name:   [Premium] RPG Glorious Savior
  • Developed by:   KEMCO
  • Category:   Role Playing
  • Version:   1.1.1g
  • Released:   March 3, 2016
  • Size:   45M
  • Requirements:   4.0 and up

Game Features:

Change characters’ weapons depending on the situation!

Prepare for battles with enemies by equipping characters with multiple weapons.

Think about how best to use different skills for each weapon to make attacks more effective, and defeat enemies.

If a weapon is not used in a battle, it collects Aura, and its attack strength increases. Use a weapon with lots of Aura at just the right time to cut down enemies!

Strengthen weapons more and more

Collect materials, and use them to strengthen weapons and make the party more and more powerful.

Weapons that are no longer needed can be dismantled, too, so you can think carefully about tactics. What weapon will you choose against each enemy?

Dungeons full of mysteries

In the dungeon, whose form changes each time you enter, you may be able to find rare weapons, and weapons with special effects.

More Info:  Google play store

Download the game [Premium] RPG Glorious Savior Apk on your Android device for free from the below given link and enjoy.


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