Power Tools Pro FULL v2.1.0 Apk
Requirements: 4.3+
Overview: Power Tools is the Swiss Army knife for your smartphone.

Power Tools is the Swiss Army blade for your cell phone. Stuffed with all the profitability instruments that will build your productivity by encouraging your day by day assignments. Let Power Tools deal with your day by day cautions, sound warning, call blocking, call recording, control content and email message spamming, ensure application dispatch, trigger occasions with geofencing, wallpaper changing, address you and numerous more cool components.

Highlights Available for Tablets and Smartphones

► AppLock – Passcode bolt any application from propelling. Without the right password the client can not run the application.

► Battery Saving Mode – Set to kill Wifi, Bluetooth and faint screen shine when the battery level is low

► Geofencing – Create trigger occasions when you Enter and Exit an area. You can kill or on Wifi, Bluetooth, dispatch any application, set sound profile, play a ringtone, demonstrate a notice and vibrate. Intuitively select an area from the guide and set the sweep for the trigger occasion

► Sound Profile – Set a period amid the day to switch a sound profile. Eg: set sound profile to Vibrate regular at 9:00am. Other than changing framework sound profile you can likewise change the Media, Alarm, Ringtone and Notification volumes

► Scheduler – The Scheduler permits you to set a clock occasion that will go off amid the day. You can set the accompanying occasion: Alarm, Bluetooth on or off, Wifi on or off, dispatch application or set screen splendor

► System Information – Displays gadget data, for example, memory, equipment, screen and battery status

► Wallpaper Changer – Change HomeScreen wallpaper on a period interim. You can set to arbitrarily or successively change the wallpaper. Choice to set the wallpaper impact like Normal, Black and White or Sepia. Simply select an envelope and make the most of your wallpapers

► Good Morning – Speak to you in the morning. An extraordinary to approach to begin the day by having your Power Tools talk the present time, current outside climate temperature, up coming arrangement (Google Calendar) and new email messages.

► Shake – Shake your gadget to stop the alert ringtone or to hangup on the approaching call

► Email Spam Filter and Ringtone – Be sans spam and get ringtone when email lands at your inbox. Underpins GMail, Yahoo, Outlook/Hotmail and IMAP servers. Note: Power Tools pools the server for new messages and spam sifting. You can set the interim to check for new messages.

Highlights Available for Smartphones Only

► Includes all the elements accessible in addition to the accompanying:

► Call Blocking – Block any approaching telephone number, obscure and private. Use Pickup and Hangup to keep the guest from leaving you a phone message. Use * (star) for special case blocking. Eg: 1800* will obstruct all calls originating from 1800 number. Most cases you won’t hear the ringtone when the call is blocked

► Call Recorder – Record telephone calls. You can set to naturally record or incite you to record telephone calls

► Text Message – Controls instant message spamming and set custom ringtone for instant messages. Use * (star) for trump card blocking. Eg: 1800* will hinder all instant messages from 1800 number.

► Speak SMS – Speak approaching instant messages. Impeccable when you are driving. Bolsters more than 20 unique dialects, for example, Chinese, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.


* Now perfect with OS6.x

* Added Bluetooth and Wifi association occasions. You can now trigger an activity when associate and separate from Bluetooth or Wifi

* Redesigned all the format screens

* Added Shading alternative for wallpaper impact

* UI cleanup

* Bug fixes

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