Pou 1.4.53 APK Mod Free Shopping Apk

Pou 1.4.53 APK Mod (Free Shopping) – Android

Pou 1.4.53 APK Mod Free Shopping

Pou is the android video game, a basic and fun video game to have fun with various video games inside a single game. It is light game which works with even low end gadgets having OS 1.6 and greater.

Pou APK is the alien pet, care for the animal with feed, cleaning and playing with the pet. Pet will certainly mature with the time and you will be able to unlock various wallpapers and outfit for the unusual to supply your taste. It’s up to you to decide, ways to customize Pou.

Pou APK Features:

  • Grow your pet with feed and taking care of him.
  • Gather coins and play video games in the Game Room.
  • Do some intriguing Potions at the available Laboratory.
  • Pou’s appearance is customizable.
  • Tailor your unusual pet Pou with various outfits, hats and spectacles readily available.
  • Wallpapers of each room is changeable.
  • Achievements and special items are unlockable.
  • Play your pals and visit them to see how they are taking up their animals.
  • Lots of other functions.

Video game is available in various localized languages, if you are having any problem, contact designers and they will assist you. Updated version of the video game has actually brought some new hats, outfits and spectacles for more personalization choices included.

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