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Pluto TV – It’s Free TV
October 3, 2017
4.4 and up
Watch free TV and movies on your Android Phone and Android TV. Pluto TV has over 100 live channels and 1000’s of movies from the biggest names like: NBC, CBS, Bloomberg, Paramount, and Warner Brothers. Plus get exclusive channels like the Pro Wrestling Channel, Anime All Day, Food TV, and the newest live college sports channel.

No Fees, No Subscriptions, No Credit Cards…..Yes, It’s Really Free.

Watch 1000’s of free hit movies On Demand in over 80 categories that watchers like you helped name. Pick from “Not on Netflix or Hulu”, “Something For the Whole Family”, and “Punch, Kick, Ka’Boom!”. Don’t miss out on new titles that are added everyday.

Free TV is here. Download today to start watching Pluto TV!

Just a few of our amazing 100+ TV channels:

CBS News
Food TV
MST3K & RiffTrax
After School Cartoons
Weather Network
Horror 24/7
Bloomberg TV
Crime Network
Fight Channel
Pro Wrestling Channel
World Poker Tour
Action Movies
Anime All Day
THC – Channel 420
Man Up
Adventure TV
Action Movies
+1000’s of movies On Demand

 16,471 total

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What’s New
    – If you’re having binge watching problems, we feel bad for you son. We have 99 episodes of ALF and you don’t have to pay for any of them.
    – Yes, we added mobile support for full TV Series On Demand. Now you can watch thousands of your favorite shows and navigate easily between seasons anywhere you go.
    – We also fixed some little bugs that our QA guy Arvin found. Email his boss [email protected] if you find anymore bugs or if you just want to talk about stuff.

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