Plex for Android v4.30.0.130 Patched

Plex for Android v4.30.0.130 Patched
Requirements: 3.2+
Overview: Plex for Android allows you to browse and play your video, photos, and music right on your Android device, streamed from Plex Media Server on your Mac or your PC. Media is available from CNET, Revision3 and a many other popular online sources. With Plex Media Server for Mac you can stream additional content from Aperture, iPhoto, and iTunes.


Plex for Android may NOT be for you for any of the following reasons:
* Netflix and Hulu are not supported on Plex for Android at this time.
* The app will not currently play video on Honeycomb/Android 3.0 (yes that includes the Xoom).
* The app will work but is not yet optimized for tablets and larger screens.
* Plex for Android won’t be able to do anything unless you setup a server on your PC or Mac – which is available for free at
* You want to use Plex to get to your media remotely but you don’t want to think about things like port-forwarding.
We strongly recommend that you have your Plex Media Server all ready to go BEFORE you buy Plex for Android.


– Fix crash on startup for users that had played something under a relayed connection with version 4.28 of the app.
– Support for extras on TV show’s, seasons and episodes.
– [Android TV] Improve TV season UI.
– [Android TV] New colors for search icon.
– Fix home video libraries displaying the wrong icon.
– Fix issue displaying Location subtext in landscape on small devices.
– Fix crash trying to open an item that no longer exists in server.
– Fix issue where mini-player could be left visible after closing post-play screen.
– Fix crash on user picker for television devices running a version of Android older than 5.0.
– [Android TV] Improve the quality of the blurred background images.
– [Android TV] Detect reachable servers even when the device is offline.
– [Android TV] Improve transition from user picker to splash screen when there is a server error.
– [Android TV] Fix issue where it was not possible to switch between lyric versions.
– [Android TV] Fix bug where the audio player could close right after playback had started.
– [Android TV] Fix crash stopping video playback from controller device.
– [Fire TV] Fix crash in Post Play page.
– [Fire TV] Audio tracks only resume playback at an offset when the library is configured to permit.
– [Fire TV] Timed lyrics scrolls the displayed lyrics.
– [Fire TV] Lyrics restyled to be easier on the eyes.
– [Fire TV] Switching translations after startup works more consistently.
– [Fire TV] Fix inability to Play directly from a TV Show’s main details screen.
– [Fire TV] Fix related content disappearing after playing movie extras.

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