Planet Jumper

Planet Jumper

How far can you take your little one-eyed alien buddy across space?
Jump from planet to planet as you narrowly avoid asteroids barreling towards you from all directions, while also attempting to out-run a red giant trailing not far behind.
Collect crystals for points and bonuses. Unlock various achievements, and strive to top the leaderboards!
Planet Jumper offers to be a game that’s simple to learn and play, yet difficult to master. 1-Tap your way through space while enjoying crisp 2D graphics and 8-bit retro sounds to boot. It’s fast paced gameplay is sure to have you coming back for more.
– Randomly generated levels
– Sweet sound effects
– Kickin’ music
– 1-Tap gameplay
– 3 different gameplay modifiers
– Local highscore system
– Online leaderboards
– Achievements
Planet Jumper
Planet Jumper
Planet Jumper
Planet Jumper

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