Pixel Z – Gun Day APK V1.0.1 Full Version

Download Pixel Z – Gun Day Apk Full Version ,New Update With Version 1.0.1

Pixel Z – Gun Day, this unique shooter, combining all the best in this genre.
Explore a huge open world filled with dangers, beware of the night and the night creatures.
Type a command to play in multiplayer mode.
Try all kinds of weapons, and choose the one that suits you.

Advantages of the game:
✔ Multiplayer, Single player, co-operative mode
✔ Large open world
✔ Craft and inventory system
✔ Many weapons
✔ Survival
✔ Day and night (watch out for the night, use the day for isssledovany)
✔ Excellent graphics and audio support

||Game:  Pixel Z – Gun Day APK  ||
||Version:  1.0.1  ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market:  https://play.google.com/.pixelz  ||
||Mod:  —   ||


Intruction Installing:
Download Files’s Above
Install APK Files
Play The Game