Pixel Z – Gun Day 2 APK MOD Unlimited Ammo

Download Pixel Z – Gun Day Two Apk Full version,New Update With Version 1.0.1

Pixel Z – Gun Day Two, is a unique shooter, combining all the best of the genre.

Explore a huge open world filled with danger, beware of the night and the night creatures.

Enter the command to play in multiplayer mode.

Try all kinds of weapons, and choose the one that suits you.

Advantages of the game:

  • Multiplayer, Single player, Co-op mode
  • Large open world
  • Craft and inventory system
  • Many weapons
  • Survival
  • Change of day and night (beware of the night, use the day for isssledovany)
  • Excellent graphics and audio support
  • Getting around by car
  • Cars


||Game: Pixel Z – Gun Day Two APK   ||
||Version:  1.01||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market: https://play.google.com/.pixelztwo   ||
||Mod:  Ammo   ||



Intruction Installing:
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