Pixel Wars

Pixel Wars

Pixel Wars
Pixel Wars l Version: 0.7.7 | Size: 44.86MB
 Developers: Aquila Studio | Language: English

Grab the bonuses, fire your bullets, use the terrain to your advantage. In short: Survive!
In this Arena Shooter the enemies will keep coming at you from all sides for a limited period of time, you can either shoot them or avoid them until the timer is down to 0!
– Intense Gameplay
– Dynamic Soundtrack
– Survival & Infinite Modes
– Pixels! Pixels everywhere!
The use of Headphones is highly recommended.
This game should work correctly on all recent Android Tablets.
Please note that this game was made by only one enthusiast developer. If you encounter any bug or problem please report it at the email indicated on the game description.
Pixel Wars
Pixel Wars
Pixel Wars

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Tags for this game: Aquila Studio


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