Pixel Island Survival 3D

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Pixel Island Survival 3D
Pixel Island Survival 3D l Version: 1.2 | Size: 28.9MB Developers: Pixel Island | Language: English

Be a man survived after a severe storm! Now you are on a lost desert island full of wild animals and other dangers! Provide yourself with food, explore neighboring islands, battle against predators and try to stay alive playing Pixel Island Survival 3D!
Are you ready for great island adventure? Firstly, look around! Picturesque ocean, jungles and mountains looks nice, so explore this desert land with this awesome survival simulator! Salvage survival tools and weapons, to protect yourself, hunt or battle against wild animals. Walk around this survival island trying to find something that could help you to get out of this uninhabited place! Enter the wilderness, face dangers, meet wild animals, hunt, fish and gather to stay alive playing Pixel Island Survival 3D!
You main goal is to survive, so try to make your life comfortable and safe. Build shelters to hide from predators’ attack, find or craft weapons, hunt, gather or fish to provide yourself with wood. Explore neighboring islands with a boat and try to collect all the pieces of map that could help you to get out of this survival island! Are you ready to stay alive on this island, lost and dangerous? Upgrade an exploration, battling and survival skills and prove your worth as a real survivor playing Pixel Island Survival 3D!
Dive into wilderness and be ready for the greatest island adventure ever! Mind character indicators – health, energy, water and fullness. If one of these drops – no chance to survive in wild harsh conditions! Some survivor’s indicators are easy to fill – for example, there is many sources of fresh water here. Find food is not as easy as it seems – you need to gather plant food or even battle against animals to kill them! Craft weapons and tools in your inventory bar or using special workshops – survival tools such as an axe or fish rod would help you to stay alive! Fish, hunt, gather, battle against animals and explore this desert island full of secrets! Upgrade your survival skill – find water, hunt for wild animals to make them your next meal, find weapons, craft other useful tools and try to make your life better with this island survival simulator in 3D!
It’s easy to control your character playing Pixel Island Survival 3D! Use joystick to walk around the island and press «attack» button to hunt or battle against wild animals. Remember, this survival island is full of dangers, so keep your weapons alert! Find or craft different survival tools and weapons such an axe, fish rod that could help you to protect yourself from predators and provide with food. Quarry resourses such as wood and stone to build shelters and try to make this island your home! Upgrade your survival skills spending time on lost desert island – hunt, fish, gather, battle and explore! Pixel Island Survival 3D will give you tones of fun!
Try to get home with this island survival simulator in 3D!
Pixel Island Survival 3D features:
– Different survival tools to find or craft – weapons useful for hunting wild animals, fishing rods, knifes, lighters and more hunt
– Health, energy, water and fullness indicators – gather plant food, hunt or fish, find water and sleep well to mind it!
– A group of desert uninhabited islands to explore – collect all the map pieces to get home
– Amazing crafting system – special WorkShop, Chemistry Table and Weapon Table
– Awesome island survival simulator in 3D
Swim, hunt, battle and explore – do anything you want to stay alive! Ever wanted to explore lost island as a real survivor? Spend time on uninhabited survival island and fight for your life living in harsh conditions! Upgrade your hunting, battling and exploring skills playing Pixel Island Survival 3D! Explore neighboring islands, find weapons and tools and build shelters and hunts to hide from the sun and aggressive predators. Dive into the atmosphere of survival adventure and try to find your way back home! Thrive in this hostile environment – lost desert island!
Pixel Island Survival 3D
Pixel Island Survival 3D
Pixel Island Survival 3D

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