Pit in Racing

Pit in Racing
Pit in Racing l Version: 1.0.4 | Size: 79.96MB
 Developers: HANYOU KOREA.Ltd. | Language: English

Win the winners in each tournament in order, and become the best racer !
■■■■ Game Features ■■■■
1. Concentrate on the timing of gear shifting and tire changing.
: Time is delayed if you do not get PERFECT.
2. Become the best winner at CHAMPIONSHIP.
: A total of 6 SEASONS of tournaments will open in order. Meet the suitable high performance cars and pit crew for each season.
3. Don’t miss the ‘Weekly League’
: A maximum of 7 users bet prize money and play for a week.
4. Club Race
: Join the club and enjoy team competition.
■■■■Control System■■■■
1. Control of gear shifting
: Press the gear button when the green light turns on. Feel the time when the PERFECT sign comes on.
2. Control of accelerate button
: In order to raise the acceleration you must press the accelerator button and hold. However, while shifting gear, you should not press the accelerator.
3. Exchanging Tires
: When replacing the tires, press the drill button when the hexagonal screw becomes the smallest.
Pit in Racing
Pit in Racing
Pit in Racing

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