Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay

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Pirate Battles: Corsairs Bay
23 June 2017
4.0.3 and up
• Turn-based, multiplayer strategy game
• Invite Facebook contacts as friends or foes
• 4 types of battle, 9 types of pirate ship
• 300 levels, plus bonus levels
• Random battle events including appearance of monsters
• Fun features include stealing your friends’ gold

Land ahoy, me hearties! Stand up, the new Jack Sparrow. Arr!

Use all your pirate cunning and strategy to build your own fleet, scuttle your sea-faring enemies and create your own impregnable pirate empire in Booty Bay. Then sit back, uncork the rum and watch your enemies sink to a watery grave. Yo ho ho!

Invite your Facebook contacts to play as friends or foes in an epic battle of the seas.
Shiver me timbers, you’ll need all your pirate wits about ye though – monsters and other challenges lie in wait.
Just don’t forget to steal your enemies’ rum – and be smart about it! Aye.

And you and your shipmates won’t be resting on your laurels with six different ships and four different types of battle to choose from – plus over 200 in-game levels.

Pirate Battles ain’t for the faint-hearted – but then we’re pirates, ain’t we? Not a landlubber among us.
Download and upgrade to unlock new powers to sock it to your pirate adversaries. Look sharp, you old seadogs!

***NOTE: An internet connection and 768 MB RAM on your device is required to play.***


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What’s New
    Captains of the Seven Seas!
    We’ve had an update!
    – New buildings for the pirate bay! Every building gives its own bonus;
    – Meet the new Berserk ship that will instill dread in your enemies;
    – Exchange your valuable artifacts at the pirates’ guild;
    – Comfortable tactical interface for positioning your fleet;
    – Two handy buttons, Revenge and Scouting: retaliate instantly!
    – As well as many minor improvements and bug fixes.
    The best of pirates’ luck and fair wind to you, Corsairs!

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