Omni Swipe v2.12 Apk

Omni Swipe v2.12 Apk

Criteria: 2.3+
Summary: Palms will definitely no more entraped through your mobile phone. Free a palm and perform other things!

Omni Swipe allows hassle-free accessibility to your favored applications, get in touches with, setups, and incoming alerts fromming merely one hand.

Simply wipe from your screen’s base left behind or even ideal edge on any sort of monitor to immediately open a customizable branched menu that maintains just what is necessary and also a lot of practical to you consistently within a finger’s reach. Unlike other availability devices, Omni Wipe stays covert and out of your way till you wipe this into viewpoint to utilize that.

Woohoo! Omni Wipe (“the application formerly called Lazy Wipe”) is among the very most advertised apps in the Devices classification through Googly, who has likewise provided Omni Wipe on the Googly Play Web page over 30 times! Thanks, Googly!


Low-profile: Omni Wipe just appears when you prefer this to, as well as goes away when you’re will, never wrapping or jumbling up your wonderful personal computer.
Intelligent: Omni Swipe skillfully expects and manages your applications based after value and also your beyond usage habits.
Interact: Obtain your most current notifications without must wipe down the alert pub, and maintain your crucial calls along with their numerous contact procedures beneficial.
Light-weight: Omni Swipe is minimal at under 1MB sizable, and optimized to deliver a tidy as well as smooth customer expertise.
Favorites: Add as well as organize approximately 9 of your favorite apps to regularly be within your scope.
Toolbox: Customize which commonly-used faster ways and switches could also be actually accessed with a single swipe. Conveniently change on/off your torch, wifi, turning hair or even calibrate your monitor’s illumination. Maintain your Android rapid and reactive with the memory-cleaning speed-boosting “Enhancer” device!
Themes: Omni Wipe includes a range of vivid styles to match your personal computer or even individuality, with interesting brand-new concepts coming quickly!

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We value our users’ comments! Whether it’s a bug record, a grievance, a worry, a recommendation, a go crazy review, or even a profession of your unequaled passion, kindly allow us understand due to the fact that this either helps our team strengthen Omni Wipe or this offers our team the warm and comfortable fuzzy emotions we live for!

WHAT is actually NEW

Storm or Sparkle, we have actually received your rear V2.12
Given that bugs are irritating, considering that you like enhancements, and also because WINTER Is Actually UPCOMING …
10 times earlier, our Product Manager Zhao Chen walked into a hurricane. Without an umbrella, he decided to create the weather condition “constantly within grasp”!
As the days went through, Chen couldn’t get an ignore of his scalp, therefore he chose to discuss this happiness by including a “Shuffle” switch.
Along with a couple of days to go, Zhao placed all his concentrate on getting rid of as many bugs as possible!

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