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5 August 2017
4.4 and up
Nimses turns every minute of your life into a digital coin called Nim.
Use Nims to like other people rather than pictures, posts or videos.

Nim balance, called Nimb, shows a personal total amount of nims both made from just being alive as well as got from others.
Nimbs show how many minutes people around you have. Measure yourself against others. The sooner you get Nimses, the bigger is your Nimb.

Nimses is a worldwide system made of all the time ever lived.
Nimses makes it possible to melt the borders between online and offline, between living and making money, between having and being. Spend Nims just like you spend life, on nice people and goods things, get Nims from others.

 56,610 total

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What’s New
    Behold Humans! We’re dropping a new update and it’s huge. Like, really HUGE!
    * ‘Nimses Support Сenter’ is here. It’s located somewhere in Profile Settings area.
    * From now you can terminate all your Nimses sessions except an active one. Do not hesitate to use this feature asap to avoid getting banned.
    * From now on you’ll get the ability to completely delete your profile. Beware! We cannot restore your nims if you’ll decide to wipe yourself from the system.

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