Next Quote – What’s the Quote?

Next Quote - What's the Quote?
Next Quote - What's the Quote? l Version: | Size: 32.01MB
 Developers: Vito Technology | Language: English

Have you ever tried to decode a message hidden in the cryptogram? It’s a great feeling when you become a part of a mystery.
It’s been task of politicians and secret agents to encode and decode their secret documents for thousands of years – even back to the time of Julius Caesar! The process is simple: change each letter in the phrase to another letter in the alphabet, so that your new document looked utterly illegible.
The new “What’s the quote” app gives you a great opportunity to decypher the well-known quotes of writers, philosophers, US presidents, etc. It’s one of the best time-killers that feeds your brain in two dimensions: first, it is the tool where one can break the code, second, as a reward it makes you wiser by acquiring the wisdom of a great personality.
Here are the features that make the app stand out:
– 500 hand-picked quotes, phrases, aphorisms
– Timer to check your progress
– Сompete with others online and peep to the results of your opponent
– Use hints when stuck with the phrase
– Fix the correct letter in the quote
– Training pack to learn how to play
– English language structure: syntax, morphology and semantics
– Share the great quotes on Facebook
Here are the authors and topics that you can find in the app:
Steve Jobs
Harry Potter books
Edgar Allan Poe
USA Presidents
The Dark Knight Trilogy
Mark Twain
Marvel and DC comics
A Song of Ice and Fire
TV series
Chuck Palahniuk
George Carlin
Next Quote - What's the Quote?
Next Quote - What's the Quote?
Next Quote - What's the Quote?

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