Neural Diver

Neural Diver
Neural Diver l Version: 1.3 | Size: 21.44MB
 Developers: Clockwork Wolf | Language: English

Neural Divers are the elite cyber soldiers, trained to be able to detach their minds from their bodies to enter the Neural Networks of Artificial Intelligences. Making the dive into the neural network allows them to combat viruses in native cyber-space!
We follow the story of one of these elite as they take on a virus that is running rampant through one of Earth’s off-world colonies! Get ready to Dive In!
Developer Notes:
This is Clockwork Wolf’s first game! I’ve created graphics and sounds that I hope are reminiscence of retro 3D games. The game itself only consists of 6 stages, 7, if you consider the first “tutorial” mission. Another words, there is an end, a final boss.
The difficulty of the earlier missions should be a cakewalk, but the later missions are very challenging, and will need you to be able to multi-task, and keep aware of what enemy units are incoming along the different neural guides!
I’ve also decided to hold off on putting in too much hints into the game – it is my hope that gamers will be able to discover how the different weapons and power ups react to the enemy units 🙂 The Double Damage power up for example, is a double edged sword… I leave that to the gamer to see why!
Shmups are one of my favourites to play, and I hope to release one down the road, but for a start, this game was inspired by Tempest 2k together with a question: How could I design a fixed shooter like Tempest 2k, but with touch controls, not on screen joysticks. Neural Diver is the result.
As I am a new developer, I have decided to launch my first game as free, but ad supported. Please do give this game a go!
Permissions required from your phone:
– Location: For the adverts 🙂
Neural Diver
Neural Diver
Neural Diver

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