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Network Toolbox Pro v5.1 Apk

Demands: 2.3+

Network Tool kit is your one quit look for all the tools you should troubleshoot your network on the go.

  • Whois :
    Lookup Whois info for any type of domain name right from your android tool.
    Swiftly check if a domain name is readily available for enrollment by performing a Whois lookup.
    Choose from any of 254 known whois web servers, or include and also inquire your very own.
    Formatted Whois results to enhance readability.
  • DNS :
    Ahead and turn around DNS lookups.
    Assisted DNS document types: A, AAAA, APL, CNAME, DNAME, MX, LOC, NS, PTR, RP, SOA, SPF, SRV, TXT.
  • DNSBL/ RBL Black Listing Inspect :
    Check any sort of host or IP versus over 60 DNSBL/ RBL web servers.
    Get TXT data for IP or domain name from
  • Network Block Details (ARIN):
    Acquire Network Block info for any kind of host or IP.
    Pick which Regional Net Windows registry(RIR) to quiz for Network Block Details.
  • Sound:
    Ping any kind of host or IP.
    Also works with non-rooted tools from Android 4.3.
  • Port Check :
    Scan a host or IP for Open ports.
    Check advances from Port 1 to 65535, but could be terminated at any time. Application will certainly present results approximately last scanned port.
  • Exterior IP Address :
    Find your external (Net) IP address for the network you are presently attached to.
  • Geo Place :
    Discover the nation, city, location code, area, city, postal code, latitude and longitude of any kind of IP address.
    Sight location works with on a map.
  • CIDR Calculator :
    Determine beginning and also end addresses, address count, broadcast and network addresses for a CIDR address in the format xx.xx.xx.xx/ yy.
  • Examination Email Web server :
    Test your email server’s configuration. Examine rDNS as well as banner matches, server safety and response times.
    Click on this link to learn more regarding the RBL examination, Geo IP and Email Server Test functions:
  • Daytime and Quote of the Day (QOTD) :
    Assists obtaining date and also time from any sort of server sustaining the Daytime method (RFC 867).
    Supports reading Quote of the Day from servers assisting the QOTD procedure (RFC 865).

Various other Features :

  •  Very fast as well as light weight.
  •  Conveniently discuss results from all devices with various other apps on your gadget.
  •  Permits content variety and copying of results.
  •  Made for Android 4.0 (ICS) but additionally works with older Android variations.


  •  Taken care of netmask formatting was incorrect.
  •  Return Geo IP information with Ext IP.
  •  Eliminated inoperative RBL’s.
  •  Accident solutions.
  •  Wireless Info accident for Android 5.0 repaired.
  •  Added choice to eliminate advertisements (permission modification).
  •  Repaired support domain names.
  •  Brought in search as well as result past.
  •  Included support for Daytime as well as QOTD procedures.
  •  Added Email Server Tester.
  •  Included CIDR Calculator.
  •  Show WiFi Network State (permission adjustment).
  •  Check regional network for active hosts.
  •  Added GeoIp.

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