Mystery of Mirror of Death 2

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Mystery of Mirror of Death 2
Mystery of Mirror of Death 2 l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 10.89MB
 Developers: UG Adventure | Language: English

Mirror of Death Episode 2
This is a second episode of fee mystery point and click adventure game “Mirror of death”. The story of mystery of mirror of death continues.
You have to face the more traps and more puzzles as you progress the game you found yourself in an abandoned environment. This game is more focused on puzzles. You have found the clue about Thompson’s disappearance is linked with that mysterious mirror in episode 1.
Now you have to go ahead with these clues to resolve the whole mystery. In this game you will have to reach the mirror after solving different puzzles and mysteries.
Here you will find the hidden mirror which is behind all these dilemmas. A mirror of mystery or you can call it mirror of death. All the objects and location make you feel the fear,haunted and horror. The game starts from a manor or a house which feels you haunted but infact this is the house of Thompson who has dead in the result of mirror revenge. You have to resolve the case and have to find out how the mirror took the Thompson’s life. Then you will be aware why it is much important to get escape from this mysterious mirror.
– More horror and mystery feel.
– More Mind blowing puzzles.
– Mysterious and eerie environments.
– Classic point and click adventure game play.
Mystery of Mirror of Death 2
Mystery of Mirror of Death 2
Mystery of Mirror of Death 2

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