My War – Battlefield

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My War – Battlefield
28 June 2017
4.0.3 and up
My War is a MMO SLG WAR game. It is formed by 2.5 million fields. It will take 4 days for cavalry to march. In this world, all the land are available to conquer. You can recruit generals, make allies on this land. The resources are very limited on the territory, so the battle is everywhere! The interest determines the strategy, players in the fierce combat on the sand table world, outside this it’s the combat about the diplomatic and strategy.
1.Thousands of players, 1 European sand table map, 13 Cities, Brussels, 2.5 million fixed lands.
2.A step ahead to occupy the vacant land. Unit with other players to conquer enemies’ land. Develop the limited resources.
3.Recruit Generals with Tactic to form your army. Take advantage of terrain, time, power and strategy to combat with real players in real time.
4.No daily, no story, no instance, war or peace? You determines the play way.
5.Conquer to be No.1 in My War. History will be written by you!

 1,762 total

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What’s New
    New content:
    1. 10 new generals added.
    2. Fortune Box added. Now you can send gold to others by Fortune Box.
    1. UI of legion optimized. Now legions will be ranked by number of member.
    2. Defenders of NPC city optimized. Now all defenders are 3 star generals.
    Bug fixed
    1. Some text error fixed.
    2. Experience error of rebels occurred during weekends fixed.

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