MX Player Pro 1.7.31 Apk

MX Player Pro APK Download for Android

MX Player Pro 1.7.31 Apk

MX Gamer Pro APK has actually been upgraded for android gadgets. IT works with OS 2.3 and greater. Fortunate Patcher is needed for the installation of this application, Gadget should be rooted one for the android gadgets. It is the very best Video Player for smartphones and tablets.

MX Gamer Pro APK features:

  • First android player which supports multi-core decoding. Double core devices appears more than 70 % performance enhancements.
  • Enhanced codecs and rendering for engines. ARM Neon and Tegra 2 processors are offered.
  • Pinching and swiping can be made use of for the focus and out.
  • Scrolling for the Subtitles.
  • Support for the Android 4.0 and greater.
  • Thicker border and shadow around the text with enhanced readability.
  • Great deal of formats are supported.

Application has been updated with some new additions, changes and improvements. Total modification log is given below.

  • Support for the Tegra K1 devices, HW+ decoder.
  • . sub /. idx subtitle is also supported.
  • Separated Éclair and Froyo for complimentary edition.
  • Included new List under settings as “Last Media in Each Folder”.

This application is not having ad.


For MX Player Pro For License Verification.

Ways to Install MX Player Pro:
1. Install MX Player Pro.
2. Open It With Internet “ON” And Close It.
3. Now Patch It And Guess What “LICENSE VERIFIED”.
4. If Any Trouble, Patch it Once more.


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