Movement for KLWP v1.0

Movement for KLWP v1.0
Requirements: 4.4 +
This is not stand alone app, it is a theme for KLWP. You need to have Kustom Live Wallpaper PRO key to use it.

It is a theme for one screen.
I use nova launcher , but no matter what launcher you use, here’s what settings you need.
1. no notification bar.
2. no search bar.
3. no page indicator.
4. no dock.


1. Open the Kustom Live Wallpaper app. and set kustom as the live wallpaper.
2. Under "LOAD PRESET" settings, select the "Movement" theme.
3. Hit "SAVE" at the top.
It is possible to wait longer to install the theme. There is no problem. Just wait a bit. Theme has a lot of animation and this leads to that expectation.
To set commands for your phone, you need to open "overlap group".
You will find all the commands marked in capitall leters. Open each and press "TOUCH". Select your app.
To set your images follow these indications.
First choose two wallpapers close in color.
Open "IMAGE 1,2". Click "FX" and then "pick image". Select desired wallpaper.
Then one of two chosen will be set as "WALLPAPER". Select "GLOBALS" – "bg" – "pick image".
That’s all !

My recomandation for you.
For "Movement" use wall in landscape and for "Movement full" use wall in portret.

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