ModGuard – Protect Your Piracy v1.2

ModGuard – Protect Your Piracy v1.2
Requirements: PC | .NET Framework v4.5+
Overview: ModGuard is the first-ever protection software for Android devices designed to help reverse-engineering enthusiasts protect their work.

What is ModGuard?
ModGuard is designed for Android hackers/modders to use to help hide their hacks & mods from others.

How does it work?
Simply put, ModGuard inserts dead-code to try to hide the “real” changes made to an app or game.

* Simple GUI layout
* 1-click implementation
* Real-time patching data
* Free and open source (my terrible coding)

* Provides excellent obfuscation of .SMALI code
* Fast & easy to use

* Works only with .SMALI code
* Installation issues (Lollipop, mostly)
* Potential for de-obfuscation
* May prevent app from functioning (depends on use, see below)
* Probably more…

1. Open ModGuard
2. Select the path for obfuscation
3. Push the ‘Start’ button
4. Profit!

– File path selection will obfuscate all available .SMALI files found. If you wish to not have a sub-path obfuscated, it must be removed and replaced manually.
– Using ModGuard on unnecessary file-paths may result in app failure, specifically common-core Android paths. It is recommended to only use the obfuscation where needed.

This software was imagined, designed, and created by me, ill420smoker. It is now being released in an attempt to help the Android hacking community evolve.


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