Meteogram Pro Weather Forecast v1.9.13 Apk
Requirements: 4.1+
Overview: This weather widget (and associated app) provides a detailed and visually appealing weather forecast, allowing you very quickly to understand what to expect when you venture outdoors. The graphical format is commonly referred to as a ‘meteogram’.

This is the most elevated appraised application of its sort in the Play Store!

Key Features

★ gadget and application

★ powerfully resizeable gadget

★ spare or share settings locally or remotely, including to/from Google Drive (PRO)

★ picture or scene introduction

★ support for turning home screens (e.g. as in Nova Launcher)

★ demonstrate a meteogram in framework warnings, straightforwardly on your lockscreen (PRO)

★ settled area or take after area

★ decision of climate information supplier…

★ (the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, who supply information to

★ (the US government organization, and US as it were)

★ (who supply information for the prevalent Dark Sky application for iOS)

★ (Weather Underground)



★ temperature (genuine or “feels like”)

★ climate images (that alternatively take after the temperature profile)

★ precipitation (expected, min/max)

★ moon stage

★ dawn/dusk times and highlighted sunlight hours

★ sun and moon heights and azimuths

★ gaseous tension

★ tide stature

★ UV Index

★ wind speed (line or bolt design)

★ wind course (line or bolt design)

★ darkness (by and large or by stature)

★ clearness

★ dewpoint

★ perceivability

★ ozone

★ support for webfonts

★ appear to 10 days

★ decision of symbol set (PRO)

The application

The application gives a (close) full-screen meteogram, and is intelligent. Tapping on whenever point will open a pop-up with more nitty gritty data about the climate around then point.

The gadget

You can put a resizable meteogram specifically onto your gadget’s home screen. The meteogram is upgraded out of sight to stay up with the latest. This gives a prompt and helpful perspective of the climate ahead, without opening an application.

In any case, the full-screen intelligent application is only a solitary snap away, coordinate from the gadget.

The gadget is at first set as a 4×2 gadget, yet from that point can be dragged to any size you like! The gadget highlights resize brilliantly to give a reasonable representation, regardless of what size is picked, notwithstanding appearing in scene group if more proper.

You can put various gadgets onto your home screen, each identifying with an alternate area and each having an alternate appearance.

Climate Data

You have a decision of climate information suppliers:

★ (the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, who supply information to

★ (the US government organization, and US as it were)

★ (who supply information for the prevalent Dark Sky application for iOS)


The and worldweatheronline sources give hourly estimate information, regardless of where you are, while for it is hourly in parts of northern Europe and three-hourly somewhere else (however soon the hourly information might be confined to simply Norway).

Note that this application is not the slightest bit connected with or embraced by,, the Norwegian Meteorological Institute,, worldweatheronline or

Free v Pro

The star adaptation gives you:

★ decision of climate symbol sets

★ custom webfonts (pick any from Google Fonts)

★ framework notices (a meteogram specifically on your lock screen)

★ spare/load settings as default

★ spare/load settings to a nearby or remote record (can duplicate settings between gadgets)

★ full customisation of all alternatives

★ no messages about moving up to professional adaptation



• further upgrades to UI in settings page (now without hardly lifting a finger of route)


• slight change to UI in settings page


• enhanced area chooser: either message based or outline, with autocomplete

• base left corner “catch” of the gadget opens area chooser


• wind course bolts on wind speed line

• more alternatives for min/max names


• legend


• load/spare settings from/to nearby/remote stockpiling e.g. Google Drive

This application has no commercials.

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