Maze Dungeon APK MOD Unlimited Bullet

Download Maze Dungeon Apk Mod Unlimited Ammo ,New Update With Version 1.1.41`

Your hero is a treasure hunter, who came down to the dungeon of mazes.
If you love mazes, dungeons and adventures – this game is for you!

And, as you know, mazes and dungeons always have a lot of treasures, waiting for brave heroes! But be careful, it is a rare occasion when treasures are left unguarded!

In the game you will find:

  • The infinite number of mazes of various sizes (dungeons are randomly generated). 
  • Stone, wood and sand mazes. 
  • Wonderful treasures, the value of which depends on the complexity of mazes. Bonuses. 
  • Leaderboard – compete with other players! 
  • Flexible controls – select buttons or inclination, buttons on the right or on the left! 
  • Play the campaign or create you own maze – select the size and other parameters. 
Assistants in your maze adventures:
  • Faithful six-shooter revolver. Just in case… 
  • Labels. Will help you to mark dead-ends and other places as you wish. 
  • Flare missile. Will help you to find path and reference points.


||Game:  Maze Dungeon APK  ||
||Version: 1.141   ||
||Android : 4.0 ||
||Market:   ||
||Mod:  Ammo   ||

– Increase instead of decrease.



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