MaterialChess v0.7.0

MaterialChess v0.7.0
Requirements: 4.4+
Overview: MaterialChess is an Android chess game with improved UI/UX, it is visual attractive for the player and uses one of the most potent chess engines out there.



•  Cuckoochess engine by default 
•  Opening books: Internal, polyglot, CTG 
•  Clocks 
•  Analyze mode 
•  Two player mode 
•  Edit board 
•  PGN import/export/edit 
•  FEN/EPD import 
•  Adjustable playing strength 
•  One Touch Moves 
•  Blindfold mode 
•  Color themes 
•  Animated moves 
•  Scid DB support using “Scid on the go” 
•  Highly configurable 
•  Third party UCI engines 
•  Configurable UCI engine options 
•  Support for “open exchange” engine apps, such as texel and komodo 8. 
•  Gaviota endgame tablebases 
•  Syzygy endgame tablebases 


Fix minor issues 
Add a couple of missing options on the left menu 
Minor changes on the UI

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