Mars Man Survival

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Mars Man Survival
Mars Man Survival l Version: 1 | Size: 32.5MB Developers: Miami Games​ | Language: English

* Popular survival game with tense Mars atmosphere.
* Explore the whole planet to find all the secrets.
* Take a look at a possible future scenario.
* Rich 3D graphics and special effects!
* Different skills to help you survive.
Put on your space suit and get ready for challenging missions. It’s not a resort, it’s a hostile planet with no oxygen, inhabited with aliens. You wouldn’t even touch them but your mission is to capture the artifacts they hiding.
Survive the fierce combat with martians, complete your mission and collect mars treasures for your laboratory. Don’t let your enemies kill you. You’ve got special weapons and space shuttle to fight them
Mars Man Survival
Mars Man Survival
Mars Man Survival

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