Lucky Patcher by ChelpuS 5.0.2 Apk

lucky patcher Lucky Patcher by ChelpuS v5.0.2

You can utilize this patcher to break some apps’ Android Market License Verification or other Verifications.

Although stable, working of Lucky Patcher cannot be guaranteed at 100 %.
So you are solely liable of use of this application.
Under no situations Netbew be responsible for any problems triggered to your device (rebooting loop, unsteady system, etc……).

The Patcher requirement root access to work!

Sort Description:
Eco-friendly – – This program has a terrific opportunity to end up being a registered;
Yellow – – For this Program found custom patch in folder/ sdcard/LuckyPatcher/;
Cyan – – For this Program discovered Google Advertisements;
Magenta – – This program are in BootList; Difficult – – This program has no opportunity of becoming a registered. The exception is the application of two parts (Application and APK-Pro-Key). In such cases, patch both sides, either one of them.;
Orange – – System Application. Be extremely cautious when performing any operations with them, it could end very severely for Application or Operating System.;
BootList – – a list of programs that will patch the boot gadget. At this point, it use only for Applications needing the correction of libraries “. so”. However custom-made patches do not exist, except for the old Titanium backup, which is no longer in use.;

Star – – indicates that dalvik-cache applications has actually been dealt with(ODEX with Changes developed), and this in turn suggests that the application will remain in its existing state until the very first upgrade, or erase an application. If such ODEX removed with “Remove ODEX with Modifications”, then the pplication will certainly be completely restored to the state prior to the patch. When you upgrade an application, troubles can emerge: the marketplace will certainly swear that he had inadequate area, run Fortunate Patcher and close and attempt once again to set up the application, if such a mistake is composed to the uninstalled application choose the settings Luckypatcher “Troubleshooting-> Get rid of fixes and backups (to upgrade app)” – – all repairs dalvik-cache for all programs will certainly be eliminated;


For Remove License Confirmation:
– – Use as target only initial apk files signed by the developer;
– – Tap to Software application and choose”Remove License Verification!”;
– – Select” Automobile mode “and check Application with Web; – If the outcome is negative, Select “Extreme Car mode”;
– – If you’re lucky, your program will be registered;
– – To return Application to its original state, you have to tap “Get rid of ODEX with Modifications”.

For Eliminate Google Advertisements:
– – Tap to Software and select”Remove Google Advertisements!”;
– – Run and test Application with Web; – If you’re lucky, Google Advertisements disappeared;
– – To return Application to its initial state, you have to tap “Eliminate ODEX with Modifications”.

For Custom-made Patch:
– – Tap to Software application and select”Custom-made Patch! “; – Run and test Application with Web;
– – If you’re fortunate, patch work;
– – To return Application to its initial state, you need to tap “Remove ODEX with Modifications”.

For Change Permissions:
– – Be really cautious doing this. Given that the on some gadgets, this method can result in a round reboot or other undesirable repercussions. Make a backup system before you attempt to disable approval. – – Tap to Software and choose”Change Permissions”;
– – Tap to Consent for disable (red);
– – Tap to Consent for make it possible for (green);
– – You have to tap Apply (Reboot).

For Create Modified APK:
– – Tap to Software application and select “Develop Modified APK”;
– – Select Patch for Modification of APK;
– – Customized setup file will be in folder/ sdcard/LuckPatcher/Modified/;
– – You must know that a reconstruct apk-file is not the like the patch is already installed application. Given that the in contrast to merely patch the application is very easy to test yourself to modifications, and thus work properly so faly The set up will certainly not.

PS: Patcher closes the application, when makes patches. This is essential so that the new modifications made. But sometimes you may need to restart the gadget itself or use a third-party devices to kill the procedure of Applications.

Mod features:

– – Has a package name (apart from the original is positioned; application with a ban on set Lucky Patcher (for instance, Jota +) will certainly overlook it; requires removal system application “Pointer for managing the main screen”);
– – Altered the name of the default information folder with LuckyPatcher on FortunatePatcher;
– – Disable automatic upgrade (because it will certainly download the initial Fortunate Patcher, and not customized).

Exactly what’s New:
– Update custom-made patches;
– More support for Android L;
– Deal with FC for delete file to submit browser;
– Update translations.

Download Lucky Patcher by ChelpuS 5.0.2 APK:



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