LoveTyping -sexy typing game- v1.0

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LoveTyping -sexy typing game- v1.0
Requirements: Android: 2.1 and up
Overview: Sexy Typing game “Love Typing”. Enjoy your speedy android life.

“Love Typing” is an Android typing practice application.
You can enjoy a sexy typing game using the keyboard that you have set up.
There are various modes, including the “story mode” in which you practice while proceeding through the story; the “challenger mode” in which you compete to find out how many letters you can type within a set time limit; and the “gallery mode” in which you can view the images that you can access after you have cleared the game.

There is a total of more than 400 images and more than 150 lines of dialog spoken by the girl.

How about aiming toward obtaining the sexy image prize through your Android speed typing achievements.
Thus you gain both a pleasant Android life and entertaining images!

○In the story mode, the page changes each time you press the “white circle button” located just below the right side of the screen.
○Please raise the brightness of the display when you cannot find the above “white circle button”.

★A total of more than 400 photogravure and paste-in erotic images!
★An outstanding sense of reality in more than 150 full-voice compatible sound bits.
★Richly individualistic girls appear in three stories!
★You will find out what your actual worldwide ranking is!
★The images that you obtain are always available for your viewing pleasure in the gallery.

☆In the story mode, the page changes each time you press the “white circle button” located just below the right side of the screen.
☆The girl’s voice replays automatically.
☆During the typing game, depending on the keyboard, it is sometimes necessary to begin by pressing the “return button” and then to press the “enter button.”

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