Lounge Darts BETA

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Lounge Darts BETA
Lounge Darts BETA l Version: 0.1.1 | Size: 42MB
Developers: Maxpower | Language: English
A single or two player darts game with game modes for 301 and 501.
* Place your thumbs on the controllers on the lower part of the screen.
* Aim with your right thumb.
* Pay attention to the power meter on the left
* Release your left thumb when you are ready to throw.
* Throw until you reach zero.
* End in double or bulls-eye.
* If you go bust, turn changes.
This is a BETA product. We are still ironing out bugs and improving the game play. We do appreciate any feedback, so feel free to email us any suggestions and comments regarding this game.
Future features in planning:
* Internet multiplayer
* More game modes
* Team play
Lounge Darts BETA
Lounge Darts BETA
Lounge Darts BETA

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