Lost in Time: Hidden Adventure

Lost in Time: Hidden Adventure
Lost in Time: Hidden Adventure l Version: 1.0.1 | Size: 31.99MB
 Developers: Absolutist Ltd | Language: English

With a fantastic hidden object adventure game before you, a power to control elements through matching puzzles and a pinch of magic this finding game will sweep you away.
Your reality turns upside down when you find yourself the last man on Earth, trapped in time for good. Your only hope now is to find hidden objects in search for clues to the reasons of this calamity. Find other people lost in time, explore the world’s most bewitching places, learn to tame gale and fire storms by solving brain-twisting puzzles and challenge almighty spirits to make it back home in this awesome seek-and-find adventure game.
Features of this hidden object adventure game:
– 22 detailed hidden object scenes and counting
– Bubble shooter, snooker, collapse and Match 3 puzzles
– Unique casino-like mini-games to earn extra gold and crystals
– Daily bonus, deals and exclusive offers
– Possibility to exchange collectibles and send gift hints
– Compelling story that goes along as you progress
– Cloud saving for you to continue the game on desktop or mobile device
– Achievements, leaderboards and other spicy social features
If you are a fan of find it games, than this hidden object adventure game is all you can ever dream about. It features 22 highly detailed finding locations and more are coming with updates. Whenever you enter a hidden object scene, the items change their location to enrich your playing experience. Word list or icons, reflected, dimmed or colorless image… Lost in Time takes another approach to hidden object games to offer you a stunning variety of game modes and keep you entertained as the story unfolds. In your journey you are going to meet a cast of all-knowing ghosts that will try to keep you in the dark about the catastrophe. Present them with items you find in mystery hidden objects locations and trick them out of information and return to where you belong.
Take a breath from searching things and master your matching skills in a variety of puzzles available. Subdue the elements by playing Match 3, bubble shooter, collapse or snooker (marble popper) mini-games. 100+ puzzle and arcade levels are tailored to maintain the challenge in these skill games in both turn-based and timed mode. Feel like gambling? Test your luck in unique casino games and win whatever amount of gold and crystals any time.
As you find hidden objects, you will be able to complete numerous thematic collections which can later be exchanged for energy boosters, hints or even more valuable collectibles. These you may send to your friends and receive other useful items in return. Mini-games like Match 3, bubble shooter, collapse or snooker will help you to exchange the collections. Just don’t miss the chance to post your daily wishlist. The more friends you invite, the easier it becomes to progress in this finding game.
So, are you doomed to spend the rest of your life alone, or will you find a way to turn back the clock? Find it out in an unprecedented hidden object puzzle adventure.
Lost in Time: Hidden Adventure
Lost in Time: Hidden Adventure
Lost in Time: Hidden Adventure

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