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In the near future Greg’s girlfriend Chloe mysteriously disappears in front of him!

Lost Echo
In the near future Greg’s girlfriend Chloe mysteriously disappears in front of him.
He starts a desperate search for her. What happened? Why does no-one else remember her?

In this indie, story driven adventure game you explore fully 3d environments using an intuitive point and click interface.
Solve puzzles, explore, play minigames, interact with numerous characters and find out what really happened!


  • Detailed and realistic graphics, rarely found on mobile devices.
  • A soundtrack written specifically for the game. Drawing from multiple genres so it creates the proper atmosphere for each area.
  • An engrossing mystery with a satisfying conclusion. Meet and interact numerous characters, find clues and slowly reveal the truth. But is the truth really enough?
  • Point and click is one of those genres where touch devices just make sense. We made sure we took advantage of that.
  • Two modes casual and normal, so you can play regardless of experience with the genre! And if you get stuck, you can always use the built-in hint system.
What’s in this version : (Updated : Dec 15, 2015)
  • Fixed controller issue in chess puzzle when losing.
  • Fixed minor issues in the Greek localization.
  • Fixed rare issue with missing part of the tutorial at the park.
  • Hospital corridor scene now has a fade in (wooh!).
  • Updated Italian localization. (thanks to Giorgio Pavan!)
  • Italiano is now properly capitalized in the Languages selection screen.
  • Minor shader fixes.
Required Android O/S : 2.3.3+

Screenshots :
Download : 290M (APK+OBB)


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