Loondon: journey for happiness

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Loondon: journey for happiness
Loondon: journey for happiness l Version: 1.0.0 | Size: 22.79MB Developers: NineBirdsSoft​ | Language: English

“Loondon:journey for happiness” tells a sad story about a hunchback man Jonah who dreams of travelling to the city of Loondon after seeing it on a flyer at the circus where he lives and works for the amusement of the public.
All Jonah wants is to be happy. He’s courageous, loyal to friends, and kind even to strangers.He lived a happy life with his friends. However unfortunately, Jonah is one of “the malformed”, rejected by society because of his hunched back. He lives at a fair with the other outcasts. Then one day the wind blows him a handbill advertising a celebration in glittering Loondon. He think he could find happiness in loondon. This outcast start his journey. And the story begins ….
During the journey to loondon, Jonah will meets various people with different stories. he helps them in whatever is troubling them. After solving some puzzles? Jonah reach to the end. The end of his journey and this story with full of happiness.
Start the journey with jonah and find answer in this tear jerking sad story.
-Nice, dark atmosphere
-Beautiful graphics and lots of different screens to go through
-A sad ending story to a puzzle game
-haunting music and storyline
Loondon: journey for happiness
Loondon: journey for happiness
Loondon: journey for happiness

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