LogoBattery LiveWallpaper v1.4 [Premium]

LogoBattery LiveWallpaper v1.4 [Premium]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: This is a Live Wallpaper, that displays the current batterylevel.


So, what is cool about it?
…well, you can use any image you want as Battery-Image!
Normally you would choose a logo-image of your favorite game, tv-series, or whatever…look at the screenshots to get an idea.

Look at my other free APP “The BatteryLWP”…there you can check this out for free.

So, why is this a paid APP ?
…well, this App has a lot of more features to optimize the Battery-Image
…a lot of more features to play with
…and it will gain lots of more features in the future!

Why is there only one logo-image included in this app?
… well, that is because of copyright on lots of images…I’m simply not allowed to provide them!
But that should be no problem for you…be creative…design your own logo-images.
Save them to your sdcard and load them into this APP.
If you need examples of some nice logos…go the the Google+ Community of this APP and download some over there…
Or simply use the google picture search and google & download some cool images!

How to ?
…well, that is simple….this App uses any image(I call it logo!) as Battery-Icon.
Any Image?
…well, best results will be with square images with about 512×512 pixels and a circular design, with transparent parts (look for png’s)!
… on HD devices you may want to use images with 1080×1080 pixel (personally I don’t see a big difference on my Nexus 5…but that is up to you)
Where to put them?
…well, simply copy them for example to your phones /sdcard/Pictures/logos/…
…go into the settings of this app (Style-Settings) and load the logo-image from there!
Plug your phone to the charger and see the charge animation!
…This will give you a better idea, how the battery will look like on the different battery levels!

Is it HD?
…well, the battery “icon” is rendered according to your devices display resolution…so if your device is fullHD…this wallpaper is fullHD too!
…of course this depends on your logo-image…if it has only 16×16 pixel, well…then it won’t be HD!!!

– animated battery on charge
– use any image es Battery icon (choose from gallery)
– custom backgrounds (choose from gallery)
– background-image is sliding, wenn swiping through homescreen pages (Apex, Nova, and so on….)
– lots of settings to customize the battery
– …like colors, size and so on…
– low battery-drain, as it is not really “live”…it only updates when the batterylevel on status changes
– no adds !!!
– no internet connection !!!

Rights explained:
– For Accessing Gallery images
– For Writing Debug images
– For Accessing Gallery images across users

This app has NO advertisements

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Download Instructions: Premium features unlocked
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